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Alter Pain Alter Pain wrote on January 24, 2017 at 11:08 pm:
Friends and Guests, I am interested in your story. If you or a friend of yours has a story and are willing to share it with me privately. I will chose the next story that I wish to write about. It could be yours. It will be in the series "Heartest Story" There is only a few qualifications. 1. It must be true and authentic (proven). 2. It must be used only for Gods glory. 3. You must want to help others by sharing your story. 4. You are prepared to bare your soul to free yourself from spiritual and psychological imprisonment. Your story does not have to be a highlighter. It only needs to have a testimony and a measurement of Gods intervention. Inquire by emailing me at, or instant message me and I will let you in on more details. A portion of royalties will be shared with you. Love Alter Pain
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