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The Heartest Story Finally Told

Jesus’s Glory Divinely Bold

This incredible transparent testimony is raw yet still digestible. My calling for life is to tell my story and hear yours. I am outside of my comfort zone and spiritually naked. I assure you that this story will move you and that God will touch you like never before. I have lived and fought through Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Murder Plot on my Life, Murder, Stolen Identity, False Imprisonment and much more. The odds were stacked against me. Today I am an owner, president and CEO of a successful company in Ohio, USA. God not only gets the glory, but He is the Glory. For those who are struggling, I have also completed a quick guide to life developed especially for healing, fighting and winning. I hope that my story and life guide might aid in your transformation as you are moved to Him authentically.

Join Alter Pain on his unforgettable life journey through the pages of The Heartest Story Finally Told.